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Saturday, July 30, 2005


...from outside the MSMs

America Is Winning the War on Terror...

Paul Belien:..."Shadow War," is about the
war on terror during the first term of
George W. Bush. In this last book you argue
that America is winning the war on terror.
Europeans find this hard to believe. Given
the London bombing early this month, do you
still think that we are winning the war on

. . . . .

Miniter:...tremendous number of terrorist plots
by al Qaeda and its organisations against
Western targets have been forded. A plan to
the U.S. Embassy in Paris was prevented, as
well as
an attempt to sink U.S. and British war
ships in
the Strait of Gibraltar by ramming zodiac
rafts loaded with bombs into the hulk of
these ships.
In fact, the intelligence that led to the
of these plots came from prisoners held in
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That alone, I think,
holding those prisoners.

You can find the rest of this interview from an English language edition of a Belgian Newspaper by following the Frog's links (rhymes with 'tiddledy winks'). So HOP TO IT!

You have been selected...

...from amongst your peers to receive a
dose of the
Ride Hard!
Shoot Straight!
Speak Truth!

This makes me... freaking proud that I could just swell up and bust. If you just ate, don't look any farther. Your spousal unit (if you have one) will be very irritated after cleaning up the mess!

New Americans: At War in Mosul

Photo credit: Deuce Four; after ceremony in Baghdad]

Deuce Four's newest Americans:

Front row Left to Right

SPC Saroth Muth (Cambodia)
SPC David Floutier (England)
SPC Hugo Juarez (Mexico)
SPC Evans Martin (Antigua)
SPC Octavio Rodriguez (Mexico)

Back row Left to Right

SGT Ringsey Khin (Cambodia)
SPC Abdel Phipps (Jamaica)
SGT Collin Campbell (Trinidad)
SPC Bosco Jerez (Nicaragua)
SPC Jose Alvarado (Honduras)
SPC Moises Medina (Mexico)

SGT Walter Gaya, from Argentina, was scheduled to be sworn
in with this group, but he was recently wounded in combat and
could not attend the ceremony. He's in the United States
recovering and remains committed to becoming a
photo-journalist. Walt told me the other day that although
his left eye is in question, his photo-shooting eye is perfect.

At Deuce Four here in Mosul, we still have 15 troops whose new
citizen status is pending paperwork...

For more of this and other good stuff visit Michael Yon a link to his blog is right here or on my list of links

Kermit the Bloated

I keep finding goodstuff out there...

...that the National Moonbat Broadcasting Corporation seems to be missing...

posted by Joe N. @ 5:50 PM

France is Deporting Muslim Clerics and Ken Hughes finds it curious:

«Human Rights Lobbies seem to be turning a blind eye to Frances
expulsion of Muslims, according to the British newspaper, The Telegraph. Frances
Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is quoted saying "We have to act against
radical preachers." There goes freedom of religion. France’s been lecturing
America for years on everything from world politics to bad food, now they’re
taking the preemptive stand they’ve always apposed America for taking...

And, golly gee whizz... If you follow the links back you will get to the publication where this interesting stuff is found.

The frog hates to be living in an ancient Chinese curse. You know, the thingy about "... live in interesting times..." It's that very thing that keeps the Vegetarian Veterinerian taking the Frog's hard earned cash. But hey, that's the price of keeping sane with constant injections of legal chemicals.

Ooooh, Ooooh the colors are coming back

Friday, July 29, 2005

I found this site...

...during a visit to 'Righty in a Lefty State'. Go look and listen. Made the Frog proud...

I might have missed...

...this on the national Anti-News on T.V. But, I did it find at Beast7.

San Diegans Fight to Keep Vet Memorial, Cross

A tip of the Frog's Fedorra to Gordon!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

As an avid angler...

...I must salute the U.S. Navy's new CATCH and RELEASE program.

US Navy Releases Terrorist

The US Navy today announced that it has
released a senior Al Quaeda terrorist after
questioning him extensively for 27 days while
being held prisoner aboard a US aircraft
carrier in the Arabian Sea.

In a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist was
given $50 US and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane
automobile upon being released from custody.

The photo below shows the terrorist on his way
home just after being released by the Navy.



Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Big Pharoah... mentioned in...

Our protest in The Guardian

They are planning a candlelight vigil in a park in Cairo. Keep praying for the Safety of the Big Pharaoh and the Sandmonkey! A link to the Big Pharoah is over in my links column.

The dog days of Summer...

...are taking their toll on the Green Guy. Water temperature in the bog is up and water level is down. The major bloom right now is Algae and I can almost hop across the top of the bog and have dry feet on the other side. And ever the possibility of attack by Kamikazee inspired Dragon Flies lurking on the horizon.

In any event, it's time for the next question and answer from the Silly Goose.

Q: What did God say after he created Adam?

A: I can do better than this!

I'm not sure that I understand the humor. The Silly Goose just mentioned something about planet of origin. I think she was talking about Martians and Venusians. She was not smiling! Hey, I never even knew she liked science fiction. Maybe we can have a talk about Isaac Asimov or Robert Heinlein after supper when she's got the dishes done... She keeps saying that we should talk more. This could be an opening for communications.

Geraldine is one of the Silly Gooses's favorite cartoon characters. I'm not sure I see the humor, but it makes her smile a lot.

Life is going on here in the warmish bog. The current 'little break' in the heat wave may be enough respite for me to start looking at the world again. I don't know what slows me down most: Summer HOT in Oklahoma?... Huge amounts of stuff dummped on us by MSM?... Continual attack by Moonbats, as a counter point to attacks from the terrs? Maybe it's just old age?...

If I get the Vegetarian Vetereniarn out here on a house call, I could get a shot of vitamin B12. That's definitely a shot in the arse better than the one I got in the arse in the Nam. Just thinking about that one makes sitting down hurt!

Hanging out in the Bog,

K. the Frog

Sunday, July 24, 2005

What did you do... bring peace to the Middle East today? Here's what the Big Pharaoh did

Sunday - July 24, 2005

Today was a great day for me. I feel very satisfied with myself. Today I felt that I really did something against the terrorists even if what I did was not so huge and lasted for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sandmonkey and I joined 5 other young Egyptians in a protest against terror. We stood on top of one of Cairo's busiest bridges and carried large placards with the words "No to Terrorism", "Islam Against Terrorism", "Egypt Against Terrorism" written on them in bold letters.

OKay. You say that you need to see moderate Muslims take up against the terrorists. The following pictures are by Sandmonkey. My question to you is this...

Do you feel strongly enough about terrorism to put your lazy ass on the line. These youngsters do. So let's at least...

1) pray for them

2) write or eMail them and just say thanks.

This is the kind of thing that gives the Frog the strength to go to work in the morning. There is hope for the world!!!


I prayed for the safety of these youngsters at sunrise Mass this morning. It was the least I could do. I will continue to pray for their safety. Posted by Picasa

What did you do today that will help the world's children have a future. Posted by Picasa

Not every hero appears heroic! Posted by Picasa

The Green Frog...

...doesn't much care for T.V. The last time I watched a Late Show (insomnia), I think it may have been David Letterman, there was a bit called "Stupid Pet Tricks". I don't remember what the trick was other than that it was pretty funny.

If what follows were not so thoughtless, uncaring and insensitive it could be the Stupid Moonbat Trick of the year! It is not funny!

Saturday, July 23, 2005 - Tom Barnes, Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau

. . . . .

The family of a Marine who was killed in Iraq is furious with Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll for showing up uninvited at his funeral this week, handing out her business card and then saying "our government" is against the war.

. . . . .

Thanks to eitherorr for the tip off!


Drosophila melanogaster are Kermit's friend on the food pyramid. When he is unhoppy, D. melanogaster help him to "put on a hoppy face". Posted by Picasa

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