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Sunday, May 08, 2005


... can be stranger than fiction. Or, life in the swamp. Or, weird synchronicity. This from

Unitarian Ascension Day: Dedicate an elevator!

Coincidence? You be the judge: The venerable Unitarian Universalist church in Harvard Square has just completed installing an elevator to make all five levels of its facility accessible to people who can't climb stairs. The ribbon-cutting is this afternoon -- and today, in the Western Christian calendar, happens to be the Feast of the Ascension.

("Celebrate Accessibility: Old Church Now Open to All," Chris Helms, Cambridge Chronicle 5.5.05)

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Headshaking in the the Bog,


And, on the lighter side...

... I would really like to know who invented ELBOW MACARONI? When was it invented? And, why was it invented?

I mean consider elbow macaroni. It couldn't have just been an accident. Okay, how about the design of a mini-doughnut machine was flawed? It is a freak of nature, that grew on a weird spaghetti tree in an orchard just to the North of Rome?

I am interested in invention, design and industrial processes. I've googled macaroni (interesting concept-carbs by computer). I can find when and where Mac and Cheese was invented and packaged. I can figure out (roughly-conceptualize) how I would desgn a machine to make it in industrial quantities. I even messed around and figured out(slow and painstaking-better to buy it at the grocery) how to make Elbow Macaroni at home(but the elbow part of what I made really sucked-it was mostly straight like a fat soda straw). And the Silly Goose was not impressed by the mess that the kitchen turned into!

Okay... no prize, but I would really like to know who, where and how Macaroni came about.

Peace and all good,


PS - and you can send condolences to the Silly Goose!

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