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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Congress has left me...

...way past angry, over and beyond livid, somewhere slightly past apoplectic and really pissed off, which is a place I try not be 2 days before the celebration of the Birth of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. And, my feelings toward the MSM make my feelings toward Congress seem downright charitable!

At least my Congressman and 2 Senators seem to be on the American side in the war on terror. The only words (that are not expletives) that spring to mind for a few Weepublicans, most of the Demorats and the MSM Reporters are "QUISLING" and "FIFTH COLUMN".

When I regain my composure, I'll try to write something coherrant.

Howlingly Mad,


When I stopped laughing...

...and picked myself up off of the floor, I had to rip this off and post it for y'al. It is from the Steve Malzberg website.

Shocked by the widespread suffering of those displaced from their homes by the flooding in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) volunteered to plug one of the holes in the Lake Pontchartrain levee.

"The Bush Administration has failed to stem the tide of this cataclysm," said Kennedy. "I have had some experience with aquatic mishaps. This experience will bolster me in this hour of desperation as I plug one of the leaks myself."

President Bush praised Senator Kennedy's decision. "I think it's mighty big of him to offer so much for the good of the country," said Bush. "There aren't many who could fill such a large role in this disaster."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Could this be pointing toward...

...the authorization of INS to do their job. Let's give INS the money and the authority to make existing laws work.

If you have any doubt that the United States is being invaded by another country, that many of the invaders are criminals, and that the United States government is not protecting its citizens – then consider the bizarre case of Miguel Padilla in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The 25-year-old construction worker, likely drunk and unhappy for being denied admission to the United Veterans Association club, went back to his car to get a handgun and killed the building’s owner and two others in cold blood. This all happened on August 28, 2005 and has gotten little attention outside Altoona. That needs to change.

The rest of the article needs to be read at Be Logical.


...the answer is!!!

Caribuo (my spell check is out of whack) do not get Mad Cow Disease. The meat is very tasty and very lean which makes it heart healthy. It has no residual chemical crud, like growth hormones. The antlers look great hanging over the mantle or between great grandfather's suite of armour and the fireplace. Infact, the antlers may take a prominent spot in your families armorial crest. And we can feel good, being a nation of vegetarians, because we support animal rights, and because we will be feeding the hungry around the world with high quality protein that does not conflict with various dietary restrictions.

Now that we got the Caribou (that looks better) problem solved, let drilling begin! I know that the Demorats are not going to like what happens next. Hey, Halliburton is esstential in more oil well completions than Demorats. Now the good news. We coud not have done this without Michael Moore's money!

Thanx, Mikey.

No more of those pesky little Caribou to worry about. Let the drilling begin! Merry Christmas Santa! Next year you can heat the workshop with the clean burning blue flame of natural gas.

Merry Christmas from the Bog,


A proud member of People Eating Tasty Animals).

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