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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Being a staunch...

...Weepublican and being that the blog is a very conservative place, we are opening a new store which should...

A) Increase the number of tourists visiting our delightful home.

B) Spur on the bloggish economy by providing work for our citizens. Hey, look what the Bass Pro stores have done for the places they've opened! Can you imagine a store becoming a tourist destination. It boggles what's left of my Froggish mind.

C) Give Al Vin something to do at the gate. Like check proof of insurance, driver's license, motor vehicle registration and Social Security Card. Before you get to the gate, please check to see that you have all the proper paper work. Al Vin can become quite testy, and you really don't want him pissed off at you. It might be wise to follow the above link to check him out. This is, after all, a gated community and there is a reason for that!

Who knows... This could even be the start of a wave of immigration to the bog!!!


Kermit the Green

PS - thanks to Mike in St. Augistine, Texas for the picture.

PPS - next thing that you know, the Silly Goose will be opening a restaurant featuring "shoo-fly-pie".

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