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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I just discovered...

...The Conservative Commando!!! Follow the hotlink. Leggo cartoons. You're going to love it.


When translated from Arabic......

...Hezbollah means "The Party of God".

So, Where is the ACLUseless when I am being constantly assailed by the MSM with entire concept of God. Also, isn't there supposed to some kind of seperation between God and the people who think they are running the country. Where are the Demorats when we need them?


PS - Next payday I will be laying the "Hunting Season" supply of fresh ammunition. This may be the year that I have to increase my stock!

If Israel...

...was getting it's ass kicked, the Useless Nations would think about enforcing a CEASE FIRE until hell (not the one in Michigan) froze over. Why can't we support the only functioning Democracy in the Middle East? The article at NRO by Andrew C. McCarthy is, truly, worth a read...

The Honest Broker - An attitude to lose by
When it is finally written — probably in Arabic — the history of the war on terror will convey one over-arching lesson: One side fought with conviction; the other developed a conviction against fighting.
On the winning side were those with no confusion about who they were, and exactly who their enemy was. The losers refused to see themselves as a "side" at all. They wanted, instead, to be the Honest Broker. All things to all people. Not there to win but to help. A neutral arbiter, seeing the merit in everyone’s position — even terrorists and their enablers in the act of besieging a paragon of Western values.
In the ongoing round, the terrorists and their enablers are Hezbollah and the trio — not the duo, the trio — of Iran, Syria, and, our new favorite "democracy," Lebanon. You see, whether due to willful blindness or sheer madness, the Bush administration does not discern the gargantuan chasm between ostensibly popular elections and authentically democratic elections. Thus, because the Lebanese occasionally go to the polls, Lebanon is — voila! — a "democracy" … notwithstanding that the voting is both phony (as Michael Rubin has comprehensively recounted, Syria has pervasively rigged what passes for its chattel’s electoral system) and gives Hezbollah the patina of political respectability, since the jihadists hold various elective offices when not doing their day-job of killing infidels.
I think that Andy McCarthy nails it! I also think that next payday, I will lay in a more fresh ammunition than my useual hunting season supply...
The Frog
PS - elections are coming. We don't want to, ever, hear the words "Our new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi". On election day, please vote RIGHT!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A high level contact in the...

...Puzzle Palace, Washington, D.C. discussed (off the record) a new plan for the Middle East.

They formed an elite 750 man force of men from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas called the United States Redneck Special Forces. On next Wednesday, they will be inserted into Iran in a series of HALO jumps. They have been given the following information:

1) The season opened today.

2) There is no limit.

3) They taste just like chicken.

4) They don't like Jesus.

5) They are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of Dale Earnhardt.

6) Their favorite movie is "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN".

We are expecting the solution to Mideast crisis by September 12th. At that time they will be extracted by a special amphibious unit of Coon Ass Cajuns that have been training the entire U.S. Navy at a special school near San Diego for the last three months. The United States Redneck Special Forces will be immediately taken to a mudbug boil and beer bust in whatever is left of Dubai. BooRah!

Go ahead and say that you read it in the bog 2 days before it was reported by the Knee Jerk Times.


So remember: When you vote Democratic that...

you're saying NO to mindless patriotism. This country isn't so great!

The free world, which is rapidly boiling down to us and Israel, is under savage attack. Treason is rampant in the country. True, Democrats hate Bush, but they would hate anybody who fights the war on terrorism. It is a hostile world, and there is now a real question about the will of the American people to survive.

Ann Coulter

NUFF SAID! Read Ann's entire piece. It's the only worthwhile reason for getting up early on Thursday mornings.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mel Gibson makes good...

...movies. I doubt that what he had to say was anything more than 'old demon rum' talking. Not an excuse, that's a 'life experience' observation. When in my cups, I've said a bunch of things that I regretted. And, sometimes, even regretted before the fight started! Demon rum caused me to lose some of my favorite teeth in the gravel parking lots of various West Texas bars. But that was several lifetimes ago.

My excuse was always one of my wounds from the Nam. After a particular dirty mortar attack, I was left with a serious hearing imparement. The phrase "Stand up!" and "Shut up!" sound exactly the same,

Onward and upward...

Beast 7 at H.I.O.T.B. put it all in the proper perspective as follows...

"Generally, I like Gibson’s movies. Braveheart, The Patriot, and We Were Soldiers are among my favorites. I am very disappointed that he would show such poor judgment and self-discipline that he would both drive while drunk and make such obviously reckless remarks; but in no way would I equate the gravity of the two actions. The Los Angeles County District Court will determine Gibson’s punishment, if any, as to the DUI charges, and moviegoers’ dollars will serve as the judge and jury for the impact of his drunken jabberings. As to the media, why don’t ya’ll go see what Cynthia McKinney, William Jefferson, or Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy have been up to lately?

Addendum (8/3/06 @ 1251 MST): Take everything Gibson said, and replace "Jew" with American. Whaddya got? A new Dixie Chicks song. Replace "Jew" with "Frenchman" (a.k.a. cheese-eating surrender monkeys)--what have you got? A comedy routine. Replace "Jew" with "Whitey," and you've got the Rainbow Coalition's platform. Replace "Jew" with "Catholic" and you have the bottom-line position of just about every newspaper in the country.

I reckon some people's sensitivities are more, uh, sensitive than others."

I hope Mel Gibson takes the full 12 steps and not the celebrity 30 day spin dry. 12 steps is a long walk, but the results are more durable.


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