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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Click on the link above to Chris Muir's cartoon, Day by Day. Today's cartoon is a major HOOT

:) L O L


a survey...

... for the New Year.

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the
Do you agree?
Where do you think that the rain falls?
Is this location in Spain?
Please submit other thoughts on this subject in 3000 words or less. If this takes more space than allotted please feel free to submit 1 extra sheet of paper written on both sides. To use more than 1 sheet would not be environmentally friendly and could cause unforeseen damages by carbon feet prints in an otherwise pristine mental wilderness landscape.
Thank you for your participation in this survey. You are now part of a deeper understanding of the relationality of geopolitical and climatological phenomena in areas of Southern Europe that were previously unjustly and illegally dominated by the Roman Empire and the subsequent spatiality of influences of Sharia Law and, possibly, the subtle interplay of these influences with the unjust persecutions perpetrated on the huddled masses by the bloated pandering of an immoral, illegal and societally inept quasireligious Italian organization during the Spanish Inquisition.

a sincere...

... thank you for your interest in and completion of the preceding survey. It should do several things.

#1 - get the Frog hired on at the New York Times as a Science Editor and Opinion Columnist.

#2 - get the Frog put into a high ranking advisory position with the incoming administration in Foggy Boottom (D.C.) as opposed to Muddy Bottom (Bubba's Bog).

#3 - help Brother Al (Gore, not Alligator) pedal some, only slightly used, carbon foot prints down at the Used and New Footprint Lot / Franchise.

#4 - garner a Pulitzer for the Muddy Bottom and Algae Fill Up Institute of Knowlege here in the Bog.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and that your New Year will be bright.


P.S. - If you think your opinion counts, feel free to send fillied out copies of the survey to the A TEAM - Nancy (Pelosi), Barney (Frank) and Harry ((blowin' in the wind) Reed).


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