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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to Oz - Swineflu Edition

I can hardly wait for the impending presidential release/statement/news conference concerning a possible Swineflu Pandemic...

1) "We empathsize with the poor, down trodden people of Mexico who are the main victims of this tragic epidemic. We feel for you Amigos..."

2) "Any of you who can make it will be welcomed at hospital emergency rooms in Texas New Mexico, Arizona and California. There you will receive the best care that money can buy. And because I have great empathy for your horrible situation as victims, I personally guarantee that this treatment will be free."

Then the press secretary will say "Thank you Mr. President"

And the news networks will immediately start showing pictures of Federales in Mexico City D.F. handing out surgical masks and then switch to pictures of ill, malnutritioned children who are reportedly dying of Swine Flu.

I feel so much safer here in the Bog



At Tue Apr 28, 06:02:00 AM, Blogger CA said...

I understand the swine flu has also spread to Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea.


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