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Thursday, October 23, 2008

There is only one choice in life!

For our kids, we can choose to be either...

1) really good influences


2) horrible examples.

Monicar / Grizzly - I've been reading your blog for three or four years and YOU ARE A REALLY GOOD INFLUENCE. Hang in there!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is really...

...too funny!

Click here: NOAH TODAY...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Frog and the ...

...Silly Goose and some friends trip out!
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The mob arrive...

from the bog.
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Do not even...

...ask how long ago it was that Kermit got this high!
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The Silly Goose is smiling...

Because she is actuall not in the Bog!
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Philmont Scout Ranch...

...revisited by The Frog. The old Eagle Scout on the right (Kermit) is battling it out with the new Eagle Scout on the left (James) for some silly reason or another. A duel to death with the Frog's Leki Poles. The reaon for the picture is to show off some new buildings that got put in since the Frog was there as a tadpole 50 years ago!
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I do not need this... 4:00 AM. Al Vin is really good at the guard shack coming into the Bog. Well. at least, he used to be. Imagine this, if you can. It's 4:00 AM. I wake up to a horrible commotion. Al Vin and Quadaffy from Libya have a bonfire going in front of the guard house. They're roasting marshmallows (well, actually Bogmallows) and singing Kumbuyah. I'm going to have to do a more thourough background check into Al Vin's personal references. I don't want to get stuck with a North African connection. I may want to run for president sometime!
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WHAT WE HAVE HERE... the new trademark for either the Democan or the Republicrat Political party. Or maybe it's both. Being a confirmed Constitutional Populist, I am just so confused by the whole thing. Maybe I'll call ACORN and see what they would pay to register 20 or 30 more times. In these trying financial times, I could sure use a few extra bucks!
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I saw Joe the Plumber on Fox News last night. He's my guy. My vote goes for JOE!

There are so darned many political commentaries that I lose track. The following 2 sticking (oops talking points) are attributable to 2 different commentators, neither of whom springs to mind right now. It is a totally accurate description of this year's presidential election...

We are stuck between "trickle down" benefits and "trickle up" poverty.
I'll go with McCain and trickle down benefits.
The frog is sticking with the candidate that seems to have a moral compass which he checks in time of extreme duress. At least Mummar Qadaffy the North African Duck has not declared in favor of McCain!
Here in the half vast right wing conspiracy bunker in the bog,

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