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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kermit is no longer...

... hiding in the bog.

Careful analysis of the situation indicates that the Frog was suffering from the backlash of Memorial Day. It's the day of the year that the amount of baggage I still carry has to be confronted head on. Sometimes I get pretty beat up.

Start at the bottom line. The people that read this blog already know that there is a war going on. It often seems to me that there is a lot of the Country that either... 1) doesn't know about the war... - or - 2) refuses to recognize that fact...

The next line is the one that hurts. Servicemen and women are in harms and are getting hurt. These guys and gals are heroes. You have to volunteer to be in harms way these days and that takes guts and dedication.

It also gives Kermit the desire to get on with it, because this gives me assurance that the things I consider important in life will go on for at least another generation.

Which brings me to the important bit...

You always have to be crazy to be a Marine. To be a marine in wartime is over the top. Kermit tips his hat to 4th Btn, O Co, Plt 4014 who graduated at Paris Island about 3 weeks ago. Congrats to the whole Batttalion - special congrats to New PRIVATE MEGHAN R. and all the other New Marines in the Battalion. An old soldier says Semper Fi!

Marines are always welcome in the bog. Relatives should call ahead.

Peace and all good,


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Kermit is hiding in the swamp...

... waiting for the riots and protests in Saudi Arabia to start and then end. He does not want to come out while the angry moderate Islammists of the Arabian Peninsula are protesting the horrible desecration of the words of the Prophet that has just taken place in Afghanistan. Kermit abhors the merest thought of bloodshed...

Suicide Bomber Devastates Afghan Mosque WiresWednesday, June 1, 2005

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A bomb from a suicide attacker tore through a mosque during Wednesday's funeral for a Muslim cleric opposed to the Taliban, killing at least 20 people, and the local governor said an al-Qaida-linked militant was responsible. At least 42 people were wounded.


Kandahar Gov. Gul Agha Sherzai said the suicide bomber's body had been found and he was part of Osama bin Laden's terror network.
"The attacker was a member of al-Qaida. We have found documents on his body that show he was an Arab," Sherzai told reporters.
Kandahar was a stronghold of the hard-line Taliban regime that was ousted from power in late 2001 by U.S.-led forces for harboring bin Laden.
Of course, by the time Kermit comes out, he may be mistaken for the Taliban. You know, the long, bushy, grey beard.
Heading for the hide-out in the bog,

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The frog is getting...

... really aggravated with the condition of the country which surrounds the bog.

Memorial Day brings a lot back for Kermit, and he was totally unable to write anything of consequence. But looking back, he may have already written it.

Please take look at Heroes all... and Guilt rears its... from back in February. I may have said something that you felt or, hopefully, feel.

Mixed Emotions in the Bog,


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This is one...

... of the funniest things since 'sliced bread' (pun intended). If this was not 'reality' it would have had to have been dreamed up by Franz Kafka!

From my cold dead hands

You want to take away my kitchen utensils? You'll have to pry them from my cold dead hands (via Samizdata). Really. You have to read the whole thing. The wording is just eery. Here are a couple of excerpts.

"They [the researchers] argued many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon."

"The researchers said there was no reason for long pointed knives to be publicly available at all."

See what happens when you take away guns? People just move onto the messier kitchen utensils.

Update: I see that a number of the usual libertarian suspects have also noted this item, along with the NYTimes [How much longer before we stop linking to them?]. I forgot to mention the particularly Canadian solution to this particular issue. I don't believe they would pry my kitchen knife from my cold dead hands. Instead they will pry more tax dollars from my warm reluctant hands in order to set up a multi-billion dollar "kitchen knife registry."

This is a total hoot. Go thee hence and read it all.

Flopping around in the bog,


PS - link to tipperography is in the link list - that's where this amazing piece of scientific research or whatever was discovered by the frog - I really think that the head of the research team had to be Monty Python. Track it back and read the original BBC article.

Monday, May 30, 2005

John the Mad...

... posted the following

"Will No One Do Anything to Stop Them?"

John the Mad's comment on the above topic...

Secular humanism takes its motto from an ancient source. "I will not serve."Those who accept that there is such a thing as Truth frighten the willies out of those who owe no allegiance to anything other than self.

The rest of the good news is that I have finally mastered the technology of adding a list of links to the sidebar. John the Mad's link is there.

Peace and all good,


The Jolly Green Giant of Frogdom

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Walt Kelly knew more about the swamp than even 'Ol Kermit, the Big Green. But he also must have dealt in the prophetic. How else, all those years ago, could he have come up with a cartoon that captures last week's shennigans in the U.S. Senate?

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