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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Go and visit...

...Beast 7's H.I.O.T.B.

This will give you a wonderful commentary on disaster management.

A tip of the frog's fedora to the Beast.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005


...this IS NOT! It is from a press briefing with the Mayor of New Orleans. Nagin got flustered, panicked, et cetera and Gen. Honore stepped in. I love it. You can read a transcript of most of it at The Radio Blogger.

Male reporter: General, a little bit more about why that's happening this time, though, and did not have that last time...

Honore: You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question. We are going to deal with Rita. This is public information that people are depending on the government to put out. This is the way we've got to do it. So please. I apologize to you, but let's talk about the future. Rita is happening. And right now, we need to get good, clean information out to the people that they can use. And we can have a conversation on the side about the past, in a couple of months.

"You are stuck on stupid. I’m not going to answer that question". I think that I may put that on a tee shirt or maybe have it tattooed on my forehead!

Pray for the Gulf Coast again.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Some days it's, mostly...

business as usual. It never seems to end.

I vote Republican. More Republicans seem to have a plan then Demorats. I support the President in most of his endeavors.

I want closed borders. I have no problems with alien workers paying taxes and sending a bunch of the paycheck home. But, I want them to be legal and registered resident aliens. Some of my neighbors are illegals. Some are resident aliens. Most are learning English and some are working toward citizenship. I have no problem with that.

We are, however, involved in World War III. We need to know who is in our country and doing what. The Border Patrol is doing a credible job with what they have. They cannot do more without funding and political support for their mission. The mission is to seal the borders against illegal immigration. Why is this not possible???


Both WEEPUBLICANS and DEMORATS seem to feel that their individual election to office is not possible without the HISPANIC VOTE. No Hispanic vote, no job longevity and continuance of personal power/hand in the ol’ pork barrel. It’s sort of like knowing that you will never become Mayor of Chicago without the graveyard vote.

This is so ingrained that bankers have found ways to profit from it. Many are offering special category loans to illegal immigrants. Real estate loans that do not require proof of citizenship (like a Social Security Card).

Being a Republican does not automatically bestow the mantle of honorability any more than being a Democrat automatically bestows the mantle of sniveling asslickerness. There are few enough honorable legislators in either party. Some Politicos can be bought with a million bucks and others can be bought with a fancy meal and five minutes in the limelight.

We are at war. Why won’t we seal the borders so that we know who is here and where they are? You know that answer, don’t you…


On guard in the swamp…

Kermit, the Green and Uneasy

PS: Voting conservative now, might mean not having to find extra ammunition for the shotgun behind the door later.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


A big “HoooRah” for Captain Phil in Iraq. He has come up with an imaginative use for locally obtainable assets in the WAR ON TERROR. This should decrease the cost of the war for supplies, and it should definitely decrease the time necessary to complete the mission.

If Robert McNamara were still Sec. Def., the good captain would be promoted to full Colonel and transferred to the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac.

Go and read CBIED.

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