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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Let the games...


I can hardly wait to see the ruckus starting in Ol' Foggy Bottom. Patriot Act... Alito hearing... the Leaky Gate Blamegame... and the ever present nervousness that comes when a major bad guy and lobbyist cops a plea to save his own worthless skin and starts to name names.

Boys, girls and fellows of the Froggish sort... We are living out the ancient Chinese curse of being alive during interesting times.

With all this stuff going on, the Alien Media Nation won't have to work hard at all to further ignore the good things (like, yoohoo, we're winning) going on in Iraq.

I hope that I can salvage the small amount of sanity that I have left, and maybe even keep a little sense of humor to boot.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Good leakers...

...versus bad leakers???

It seems to be a matter of upon whose tree one leaks.Whoops!

That's a 'froggy guy' joke from the Bog.

For a better perspective of the problem visit Michelle Malkin. She has an interesting post concerning Little Chuckie Schumer and the one-armed-plumbers.In the meantime, I'll try to keep my day job. Froggy humor may not be in a mainstream upswing.

Peace and all good,


PS - if the World Does Not End when I hit the button to publish this, you will be reading it. If you are reading this the worst has not happened as witnessed by the fact that you are reading it.

PPS - I'll try to fix the Michelle Malkin link later. To find out why this post is problematic, read the one that is supposed to follow this one if it is there where it is supposed to be.

PPPS - please do not call emergency services. I have dropped my beer and cannot pick it up!

I have no idea...

why the preceding bit published itself twice and now refuses to be amended. I guess that even the bog is an imperfect place. And I have even less of an idea why the link to Michelle Malkin didn't work. Any how, her post is very much worth reading, even if you can't get there from here...

Stuck in the bog in wonderment,


PS - I think that technology may be my friend. But, it is my friend only when it works!

PPS - double my wonderment! I when I hit "redo" so that I could read it in the Bog Blog, the double post to which this refers went away. My inner Liberal wants to shame me for offending the electrons and atoms in my computer. Or worse yet that I offended the inner spirit of the machine.

PPPS - I will now republish the 2 posts that went away (hopefully as one post) and perhaps I will even be able to enter a correct link to Michelle Malkin.

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