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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I keep finding goodstuff out there...

...that the National Moonbat Broadcasting Corporation seems to be missing...

posted by Joe N. @ 5:50 PM

France is Deporting Muslim Clerics and Ken Hughes finds it curious:

«Human Rights Lobbies seem to be turning a blind eye to Frances
expulsion of Muslims, according to the British newspaper, The Telegraph. Frances
Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is quoted saying "We have to act against
radical preachers." There goes freedom of religion. France’s been lecturing
America for years on everything from world politics to bad food, now they’re
taking the preemptive stand they’ve always apposed America for taking...

And, golly gee whizz... If you follow the links back you will get to the publication where this interesting stuff is found.

The frog hates to be living in an ancient Chinese curse. You know, the thingy about "... live in interesting times..." It's that very thing that keeps the Vegetarian Veterinerian taking the Frog's hard earned cash. But hey, that's the price of keeping sane with constant injections of legal chemicals.

Ooooh, Ooooh the colors are coming back


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