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Saturday, July 30, 2005

This makes me... freaking proud that I could just swell up and bust. If you just ate, don't look any farther. Your spousal unit (if you have one) will be very irritated after cleaning up the mess!

New Americans: At War in Mosul

Photo credit: Deuce Four; after ceremony in Baghdad]

Deuce Four's newest Americans:

Front row Left to Right

SPC Saroth Muth (Cambodia)
SPC David Floutier (England)
SPC Hugo Juarez (Mexico)
SPC Evans Martin (Antigua)
SPC Octavio Rodriguez (Mexico)

Back row Left to Right

SGT Ringsey Khin (Cambodia)
SPC Abdel Phipps (Jamaica)
SGT Collin Campbell (Trinidad)
SPC Bosco Jerez (Nicaragua)
SPC Jose Alvarado (Honduras)
SPC Moises Medina (Mexico)

SGT Walter Gaya, from Argentina, was scheduled to be sworn
in with this group, but he was recently wounded in combat and
could not attend the ceremony. He's in the United States
recovering and remains committed to becoming a
photo-journalist. Walt told me the other day that although
his left eye is in question, his photo-shooting eye is perfect.

At Deuce Four here in Mosul, we still have 15 troops whose new
citizen status is pending paperwork...

For more of this and other good stuff visit Michael Yon a link to his blog is right here or on my list of links

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