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Saturday, August 13, 2005

I found some very interesting...

...posts last week. I just haven't had a whole lot of time to get them reccomended to y'all. For an historical perspective on the war on terror/assault by Islam, take a look at...

The blog for this is Clarity and Resolve. A link to this site can also be found in my list of links.
Another, shorter but almost 'as good' read at Clarity and Resolve is...
To see how technology and cunning are working against 7th Century hatred, take look at Michael Yon's: Online Magazine...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Jungle Law
This is a heartstoppingly well written piece on a patrol in Iraq, with photos. Michael is an excellent writer and captures the patrol down to the smell and feel. It caused this old sodier to break a sweat! Oh yeh, This is stuff that you won't find on Moonbat News. Our guys are doing their work and double earning their pay. God bless them.

Friday, August 12, 2005

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In his (aha, sweet bird)...

...youth, the Green Guy's favorite game was Hopscotch. Now, he has a section of game room floor set with slate. And, he keeps pieces of chalk in a special container nearby on the West wall. He draws a smaller playing area, but hey... 'hoppin tuit' gets harder with age.

On the North wall is a special cabinet. Sort of a 'cabinet of rememberance'.

Times change. And I don't want to hear any snide comments about 'HopSingleMalt'.

Peace and all good,

The Green Guy


Monday, August 08, 2005

I really like...

...reading blogs from around the world. I learn things about people, places and me. Today I found a post on The Big Pharaoh that "blew my s**t plumb into the crick"! It was a real "why didn't I see that?" moment.

2 Worlds Apart

I logged on to Yahoo and saw
this headline “NASA sends
Discovery to space”. Right
underneath this headline was
another one “Iraq constitution
might undermine women’s

I read the same stories, pretty much side by side in a different venue. I didn't even get close the same, breathtaking conclusion that The BP drew. The reason is simple. I am totally of the mindset of the population of America Jima, the Big Island. I didn't get it!

...NASA women sending a
shuttle to space while Iraq’s
Shia parties and their women
puppets in parliament are
trying to unfairly use
religion in suppressing the rights of
And then, The BP throws the bomb, which is, almost, of thermo nuclear proportions...

Ladies and gentlemen, this is
the main reason for the ailments
of this region. Besides the
dictatorial regimes governing us,
we have another dictator: the
dictator of the mind. The use of
religion to draw us backwards
instead of forward and to place a
gloomy dark cloud over our minds
so that it paralyzes our ability to
think rationally... It’s funny how
humans can transform it into a force
of destruction...

And there it is folks, crystal clarity. Problems of the Mid East caught with simplicity in a way that even a Rabid Moonbat could "get it"! Gee whiz... maybe they (the ruling puppetmeisters) are having a problem with Democracy. And, overall (from what I see in the legitimate milblogs) G.I.s with candy for the kids and bulldozers for rebuilding the infrastructure are doing a d***ed good job of winning over the population.

Frogs are not the greatest of intellectuals. I have never once got a nosebleed from climbing to amazing heights in the Mountains of Thought. I have had more than one from bar fights. It seems that my hearing was impeded in a mortar attack, and to this very day, the words "SHUT UP!" and "STAND UP" sound exactly the same. But, that's another story.

Hold The BP up in your prayers. If I were a civilian living that close to the "Arab Street", I'm not sure that I would be brave enough to say what he said in a public forum. Let's pray for his safety and well being!

Happy to be in the Bog,

Kermit the Green

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The answer to a question...

...that I never thought to ask can be found at

Metaphysically Wrinkle Free

"And the question is..."*

What would the Internet be like if it was run by the U.N.


Special K - the Green Frog

*this quote from an old Johnny Carson Routine. The problem came when I tried to press the modem to my Turbin.

I'm back to the...

...line about "Oh what a tattered web we weave". I found this at a site put up by a teacher in the California's Imperial Valley. The Moonbats seem only to have the ability to screech, but seem to be as stymied as Weepublicans when screeched at by Moonbats.

Isn't hypocrisy an interesting thing?

A few weeks ago, Mexican President
Vicente Fox uttered some remarks that
many considered to be racist toward
African Americans. He later expressed
"regret" over the comments but never
apologized for making them.And now CNN
is telling us that the Mexican Government
has issued a set of postage stamps that
features characters based on black stereotypes.

I remember that a few years ago the
State of California passed a law requiring
mandatory automobile liability insurance (or
other form of financial responsibility such as
a cash bond) for everyone operating a motor
vehicle within the state. Drivers of automobiles
and trucks with Mexican plates were expected
to comply with the law like everyone else.
Almost immediately, officials of the Mexican
Government began screaming charges of
"Racism!" Instead of confronting the rhetoric,
the state government quickly backed down;
drivers of autos with Mexican plates were
(and are) exempted from California's financial
responsibility law.

Of course drivers of American licensed
vehicles are routinely arrested, taken to jail,
and incarcerated by Mexican authorities for
being unable to pay compensation when they
are involved in auto accidents south of the border.

I also remember that a few years ago a number
of school districts in California's "Imperial" Valley
(where I teach) expressed concern over the large
number of youngsters from the border city of
Mexicali, Mexico, who were being driven across
the border each morning in order to illegally
attend Imperial County public schools. Predictably,
the local Mexican consul began the ceaseless cry of
"Racism!" into the microphones of our local broadcast
(English and Spanish) media. Attempts by school
officials to reduce the number of fraudulent
enrollments by watching for cars bearing Mexican
license plates dropping-off students (I've personally
witnessed this.) near school campuses were soon

During the last school year, several hundred students
living in Mexicali took advantage of continued lax
enforcement of residency requirements in order to
obtain a free education at taxpayer's expense. A
reporter for the local paper, The Imperial Valley
Press, just received an award for covering the story.

My guess is that nothing will change in the upcoming
school year; hundreds of children living in Mexicali
will continue getting a free K-12 education in Imperial
County public schools courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.
Ironically, many of these students are from relatively
affluent families.And nobody will do a thing about it.

In Mexico, students must pay tuition to attend
public high school.

I've got a theory as to why Moonbat screeches are so effective, even on other Moonbats (which also accounts for Moonbat feeding frenzies). When the theory gets farther along, I'll turn it into a post. Gee, I could Winnie a Poohlizer Prise fer this...


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