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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mayor Coleman...

of Columbus, Ohio - makes me proud of the city in which I was raised. He makes me prouder yet to hold my head up high and say that "I'm from Columbus".

"I'm FROM Columbus. Thank God that I didn't leave anything there that I have to go back and get!

The stuff that took place at the Mifflin School is bad. The reaction of the school administration, board of education and the mayor's office is totally unconscionable.

I remain...

Stupefied in the Bog,


Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Someone who has been educated beyond their ability to learn anymore.

I gleefuly ripped this off from...

Croakingly Kermit

Gee, that sounds like a song from the Broadway Show "Little Shop of Horrors".

Monday, May 02, 2005

Why you don't leave the car on the street after dark on Saturday night. The Silly Goose had jus picked up the car keys and was headed out the door when this happened. I am so thankful that she was not already in the car! Kermit  Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I hate it when...

... somebody on another blog lights the "ol' frog's fuse". What you find below is from the blog,


Howard made a valid observation, and and it was followed by a reasonable comment. And that was followed by a counter-comment from Howard. Which, if you read on through it (below), you find Kermit doing the 'Toad Exploding in the German Park' trick...

Patsified - Howard's Blog Entry

Are we becoming a nation of folks who will do anything to avoid standing up for our national creeds and beliefs? Someone has sugested that we change the words Under God in our pledge to under your system of belief..GEEEz what are we coming to? come on folks, Lets show a little old fashioned GUTS.

posted by Howard


I am a believer in God. But there are many who are not. Now if these people get up to say the pledge, what is to stop them from omitting "God" and put nothing in there, or mohamid? If those same people "had" to say God when recitting the pledge, perhaps they wouldn't even participate. Do you believe in a free country, or do you think people should live the way YOU want them to?

By Jerry

You have it all wrong Jerry..As I see it, they want me to live the way they do..We are headed for a serious culture shock down the road..I'm not changing mine..

By Howard
The 'Exploding Toad Trick'

I believe several things...
1) Moses did not descend from the mountain with stone tablets with his 10 GOOD IDEAS, on them. Those principles are foundational to our society.
2) I believe (and unless I'm having a senior moment) in The Constitution, which states that I have a choice in what I believe and that the Government should not putz around and establish a religion for everybody.
3) I am (unequivocably) a CHRISTIAN. That makes me a member of a group of people that is regularly discriminated against. If I admit, in public, that I am a CHRISTIAN, then I am in trouble because Wiccans, Taoists, Secular Humanists, et cetera may take offense.
4) I do not have any special entitlements because of my discriminated against status. I don't want any.
5) The point is this. If my belief causes you to question your beliefs, you are the one with a problem. I am not slapping you 'up the side of the head' with my Ryrie Study Bible. But if my belief makes you nervous, (your belief structure is not on a firm foundation) and you have a problem.
Bottom line...Most people feel that they are entitled to feel good all the time about everything. Most people do not seem to understand the differences between freedom and license. And most people are not willing to accept any consequences for their actions.I do not feel in a minority (religious or otherwise). Those of us that believe in what our country stands for, need to get together and take it back.
'Nuff said.
Peace and all good,
That all happened before 8:00 am today. Needless to say, the sermon at the Chapel in the Bog this morning was a stem winder...
Kermit the Exploding

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