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Saturday, November 05, 2005

It takes a simple...

...question to put things in perspective. Please give this page a quick look.

It's a quick thought/question well asked and posted by eClaire. There is a lot of good sense out there when we go to look.
Peace is not the absence of war.

Semper fi...

This story is from the Sunday, September 11, 2005 issue of the Daily Oklahoman Newspaper in Oklahoma City. It can be accessed (for a fee) at the Daily Oklahoman website/archive. The story included a photograph of James and Eddie Wright presenting a Marine Corps flag to Arthur Jones in Jones’ hospital room.

Marine of WWII fights final battle

Del City – Trapped in the hollow wreckage of his fading body, Arthur Jones clung to life, fighting back the lung cancer he knows will destroy him and silently straining to survive until Saturday.

He made it.

Jones, 85, was a hero long before his body turned traitor, long before the doctors decreed the tumors had spread throughout his organs and spine, long before his bones began jutting through his flesh as if eager to escape.

During World War II, Jones – then a sergeant in the 4th Marine Regiment – fought for his country on the Pacific front, eventually facing capture when his regiment surrendered in the Philippines.

“When they surrendered on Corregidor, his commanding officer gave him the regimental plaque and told him to hold onto it until they ended the war,” said Jones’ wife Dorothy Jones. “He held onto it that entire time.”

For years he kept the plaque and survived as a Japanese prisoner of war, slaving in coal or copper mines and enduring hellish abuse at the hands of his captors.

“He suffered from beriberi and malnutrition,” said Dr. James Wright, who once treated Jones. “He almost died several times. He had one of his back bones broken by a Japanese guard with a pickax.”

Now, as Jones nears the end of the battle he cannot win, Wright and his family, among others, are honoring Jones for the battles he refused to lose.

“He’s a great old guy,” Wright said. “We should honor him and not forget him.”

That’s why Wright’s son, a hero in his own right, flew to Oklahoma from Quantico, Virginia, to pay Jones a last visit Saturday – a visit Jones said he kept himself alive for.

Marine Sergeant Eddie Wright, 29, already boasts a string of awards, among them a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He teaches martial arts at the marine base at Quantico and received national attention after a photographer for the Associated Press snapped him saluting President Reagan’s casket.

The photograph stood out because Eddie Wright was saluting with an arm that had no hand.

Like Jones, Eddie Wright sacrificed much to serve his country. In April 2004, the young Marine nearly died in an ambush in Fallujah, Iraq. A rocket-propelled grenade struck the weapon he was firing, leaving him with no hands and a badly wounded leg.

But, he and Jones have a bond even deeper than shared sacrifice.

If not for Jones, Eddie Wright would probably not have become a Marine.

“I had got into some trouble when I was younger,” Eddie Wright said. “I really needed a recommendation si I could get a waiver and be allowed to enlist in the Marines. Arthur gave me the recommendation and I figured it really carried some weight because of who he is and everything he’s done.”

Saturday the young Marine came to say a final ”thank you”.

I wouldn’t have had a chance if you hadn’t helped me out,” Eddie Wright told Jones.

“Well, you’re a good man,” Jones replied. “You’re a good man. A good Marine” He closed his hand around his friend’s prosthesis. “Semper fi.”

Eddie Wright gazed down at the dying man, one hero to another, and in one haunting moment it seemed as if a burden shifted, a torch passed from old to young. “Semper fi,” he said.

Always faithful.

This story took a long time to get copied from the newspaper. That is not because it was unimportant. It was sort of like the day the oldest tadpole graduated from Airborne Training and I got to nail his wings on him. I could get about 3 sentences typed. Some dust or something would fly into my eye. And then I’d have to stop and blow my nose.

Peace and all good,


Thursday, November 03, 2005

And now...

...I am nearing the completion of the exorcism of an evil entity from my computer's hard drive. It's always a blow when something in the family loses it's mind. If I were a 'conspiracy-of-left-wing-evil theorist', I might see some confluence of points between the suspicious disappearance of a picture of the flooded school buses in New Orleans with the lable "This is your mind on drugs" from the Bog Blog and the preciptous arrival of the 'donk.s' evil entity on my old hard drive.

I will, graciously, accept these two events as unrelated. Unlike the Demorats, I will not have a public tantrum and close the Senate for a day. I am foaming at the mouth about other issues right now, and will spill bile later this evening...


P.S. - Congratulations to Dr. Bill Frist (Weepublican, Tenn.) for having enough spine to walk out of the 'closed-door-senate', and get publicly pissed of at an instant newsconference. I hope the Weepublican Senatorial Group Spine keeps stiffening up so that we can trap the Demorats and get a new SCOTUS Justice before the Christmas (whoops, what politically incorrect word) recess.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The reason for the...

vacation. Please excuse Poliwog Hattie. Sometimes she does close her mouth, but usually manages to get it wide open just as the shutter on the camera opens! She is 4' 2" and 5 years old. Hattie is going to be one tall kid when she stops growing! Dressed in black is the Tiniest Poliwog Jack. He's short, but everybody was a t 2 1/2 years. He will probably end up as a rairoad engineer. His hero is Thomas the Tank Engine. The best way to keep him in one place (hey, he's only 2 1/2) is to hold onto him...

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which is exactly what Tadpole Tomi is doing! Tadpole Tomi is 6' 2". In this picture she is slightly bent of knee and not at full height. It is a humbling bit to have Tadpole #1's wife have to bend over to give me a hug. Oh well, the benevolent ruler of the Bog needs to periodically get humbled. Tadpole #1 stands about 6' 1". I don't know how he got lucky enough to land Tadpole Tomi. It might have something to do with his airborne training! Especially since I inhereted all the good looks in the family.

The Silly Goose is in the green sweat shirt. Her main calling in life, at this time, is to keep His Frogginess (me-Kermit) in line. She is so good at it these days that she can manage a fulltime job, and His Frogginess stays pretty well in line!

Now that you've had the vacation rap and seen the favorite vacation picture... tomorrow, I'll get back to miscellaineous political rants and other observations of life as I know it.

Peace and all good,


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