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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What me are I am you think...

After looking at today's rantings, I have come up with a name that successfully describes where i am in the political spectrum..


Welcome to
Bubba's Bog
the homepage of
the only
Constitutional Populist
That I ever met.

Senator Tom Coburn...

... is always welcome in the Bog. To see why, take a look at this at the youtube link below...

I am an AMERICAN...

I am not a "hyphenated American". If I were a hyphenated American, then I would be an English-Scots Irish-Italian-German-African-Low German-Alsatian-Spanish-American. That's just too damned much baggage for ol' Kermit to be carrying around the swamp.

What makes me an American are 3 items that I embrace.

1) LANGUAGE - Sorry Charlie... "press 2 for English" is a crock of bovine extract.

2) CULTURE - Yes... Work hard, embrace entrepreneurship and provide for your family. And, by the way, this is part and parcel of the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which the foundational political documents of our country are based.

3) MORALS - Hey, BUTT HEAD... Pay attention here. The deal is that we are supposed to take care of our brother. The Good Samaritan (remember him???) did not race off to the Saducees and Pharisees and tell them to come up with a fricking program. Helping your brother is a hands on operation. You do it. You don't have the fricking government confiscate other people's resources and redistribute them.

If you are a French-American or a Gabonese American or an Iranian-American or a Spanish-American go the hell back to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico or wherever the hell you you think that your supposed to be. If you want to be an American, welcome to the tossed salad of people that makes up America. In America we are a lot of individuals that subscribe to the same ideals. Do you get it yet???

Which brings us to "THE CREDO" in the following bit...

The credo...

ride hard

shoot straight

speak truth

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