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Saturday, July 16, 2005



You had better be doing more than listening. You need to be getting ready. Moonbat Media did not let this story get through...

Has Thailand popped up on anbody's radar recently?

Just thought that I'd ask.

Moonbat Media might have been too busy selling products to have any space or air-time left over for the news.


PS - I will really miss the Levitra ads when the TV studios get bombed. However, they will probably go last, or be rented out to al Jazzyreara. I wonder if some the suicide guys, who seem to have a wrap on heavenly virigins, will be taking Levitra with them? No! A trustworthy Russian Orthodox saying springs to mind here - "There are no pockets in a funeral shroud".

PPS - I'm encrcling the bog with concertina wire!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh what a tattered web we weave...

...when first we practice to deceive...

Thanks to Grizzly Mama
for this link

You definitely did not...

...see this story on any of the Major Media T.V. News Shows!

To quote part of the...

...title of one of my favorite Country and Western songs,

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.
by Chris Field
Posted Jul 5, 2005

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Congress should be...

...heading back to 'Ol Foggy Bottom soon. The Republic is imperiled. One vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Another of the Supremes is reportedly back in the hospital. Stand by for fireworks!!!

Remember that whatever happens next, 'TRUTH is an ORPHAN' in the media. The ONLY THING of any IMPORTANCE is THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE ALLEGATIONS!

God protect the Republic from its elected representatives.

Lord let the Bog be a peaceful place. Amen.


Check out...

...what the 'Demoratocracy' is doing in California at...

'The "Party Of The People" Tells The People That They Know What's Best For Them On Gay Marriage' from Right Wing News.

This is a wonderful illustration of how the 'Party that knows you better than your Mother' can work for you. Please, local 'Demorats and Moonbats', let the bog be free!

Kermit the Green

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Frog...

...grew up on Aesop's Fables. They are, often, little animal stories with a moral. Which is why he likes this post by The Big Pharaoh. It was posted on 7/10/2005. I am too technologically inept to locate an archive URL for this piece.

You’re mowing your grass. Suddenly you saw an ugly poisonous viper right in front of you. You run to fetch an axe in order to kill it but your wife screams at your face and orders you to stop.
“Are you crazy? You want to kill a living soul! You are barbaric” she screams.
“But it’s dangerous. It can kill us” you say.
“No, it is not. And what options do you have. Do you want to kill it and commit murder? Do you want to throw it out of our house so that some viper hunter will take it and abuse it. PETA will not be happy with that. You should respect the Universal PETA Rules. Now I want to teach you a lesson you barbaric human being. I am going to sleep with the kids and you’re going to sleep with the viper” your wife says.
“You heard me honey. The viper is sleeping in our bed, right beside you so that you learn how to respect animal rights”So, you pick up the viper and place it in your bed. The viper sleeps peacefully beside you for 3 days. On the fourth day, you wake up screaming. The viper bit you.
Pop Quiz:Why am I telling you this story? What do I want to say exactly?You don’t know?Well, I’ll give you a hint:
London is your bed.
. . . . .
Visit The Big Pharaoh's page. He's also in my list of links.
Peace be with you,
Ps - The bed can also be Egypt or Indonesia or the Philippines or Beriut or any of a long list of places.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Battle a Moonbat... Use truth as your primary weapon. If you can find a lie in the arguments on this site, please let me know! I have not found anything but truth.

Give it a look. We need all the ammunition we can get!

Right Wing News

Spray a Moonbat with truth today.


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