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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The dog days of Summer...

...are taking their toll on the Green Guy. Water temperature in the bog is up and water level is down. The major bloom right now is Algae and I can almost hop across the top of the bog and have dry feet on the other side. And ever the possibility of attack by Kamikazee inspired Dragon Flies lurking on the horizon.

In any event, it's time for the next question and answer from the Silly Goose.

Q: What did God say after he created Adam?

A: I can do better than this!

I'm not sure that I understand the humor. The Silly Goose just mentioned something about planet of origin. I think she was talking about Martians and Venusians. She was not smiling! Hey, I never even knew she liked science fiction. Maybe we can have a talk about Isaac Asimov or Robert Heinlein after supper when she's got the dishes done... She keeps saying that we should talk more. This could be an opening for communications.

Geraldine is one of the Silly Gooses's favorite cartoon characters. I'm not sure I see the humor, but it makes her smile a lot.

Life is going on here in the warmish bog. The current 'little break' in the heat wave may be enough respite for me to start looking at the world again. I don't know what slows me down most: Summer HOT in Oklahoma?... Huge amounts of stuff dummped on us by MSM?... Continual attack by Moonbats, as a counter point to attacks from the terrs? Maybe it's just old age?...

If I get the Vegetarian Vetereniarn out here on a house call, I could get a shot of vitamin B12. That's definitely a shot in the arse better than the one I got in the arse in the Nam. Just thinking about that one makes sitting down hurt!

Hanging out in the Bog,

K. the Frog


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