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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sometimes smallish things...

...that get noticed are amongst the weirdest.

I like the concept of keeping money and jobs at home. Here is a product that needs to be made at home in the USA, perhaps in a sheltered workshop. The Education Wonk found it.

How about a reward piece for teachers from whatever organization. A magnetic piece for classroom or icebox display. A freebie it is. An enticement to teachers to join/become a member of a club/organization. How special...

It is a decorative copy of the Bill of Rights (1st 10 ammendments to that musty old constitution of ours - that the 9th Circus Court of Appeals likes to reinvent on a near hourly basis) which is MADE in CHINA.

Makes you stop and well, sigh...

I got to get back into the warm mud of the Bog now. Life outside the wire is just too much. This may be a case of 'FROGGIE RECIDIVISM'.


When personal explosion or implosion... immanent, you need to go and visit...

which is the home of the

the 30 Second Bunny Theater Production Group.

Sometime when the MSM is headlineing a quote from NASCAR Teddy Kennedy or Dastardardly Dickie Durbin that is so obtuse, inane or stupid that even Howie Dean can't figure it out.

When it's got your teeth set on edge and they are starting to grind so loudly that the dog is whinpering.

When it's time to lighten up or die.

This is the website to go to. You will love it. My favorite 30 second movie reenactment is WAR of the WORLDS. Turn on the sound, the dialog is priceless.

Enjoy! This has made the Bog a happier place!


Carwford, Texas...

the Home of an MSM non-event

"Gee whizz Captain Billie, I guess maybe people just don't care."

or, perhaps

"Consigned to oblivion by the Fickle Finger of Fate."

We couldn't even find these pictures on page two of the Knee Jerk Times or the Washington Compost. They must be working on something really big and distressing. Or, maybe, it's just the season to be jolly.

a tip of the Frog's fedora to
Sweetness and Light by way of Little Green Footballs.

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