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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mrs Frog and I...

...have just returned from a much needed vacation and an opportunity to visit with the Tadpoles and ther grand tadpoles. REFRESHED are we.

I went to a local pond yesterday and made a wonderful discovery. It is more fun to catch a bucket of LARGE Bluegills and Sunfish than it is to not catch Bass, Catfish and Crappies. #1 - inspite of the work invoved the little filets make several wonderful cajun dishes and #2 - that me catching a bunch of fish and having a wonderful time aggravated the snot out of the people the people that were not catching the Bass, Catfish and Crappies. and #3 - It really pissed them off that in the middle of all of this I also caught several keeper size Bass all 3 of which topped the scale at over 3 pounds.

The other fisher folk on the floating pier were getting ouright surly when I left. It was almost as much fun as fun as trying to aggravate people with the weblog.



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