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Monday, August 15, 2005

When you've got...

...a half an hour or so to listen...

You really7 need to hear the Michael Yon Interview from Iraq. You won't need anything special other than speakers. It is well worth your time!

Peace and all good,


Sunday, August 14, 2005

A GI in Iraq

...talks to his family about Cindy Sheehan. You will like this...

A tip of Froggy's fedora to Phil and Becky!
Kermit the Green

What damage does a...

...Moonbat do. A lot! That the "V.C. ruled the night" was a myth, that, unfortunately, the people who micromanaged the war bought into. I was there and I ruled my little sector of night. Bad things happened at night. It's a good time for ambushes. But the "us" did as much, or more, damage as the "them". The secret was to be working for folks who were not immediately under the thumb of the "V.C. rule the night crap".

Sorry. I got off on a personal rant.

The following is from Michael Yon: Online Magazine on August 10th. Links to it are in the post that precedes this.

I walked back through the dark and did
the radio interview by cell phone. During
such interviews, I get the impression
that people at home are losing faith in
the effort, though we are winning. But at
home they cannot see it, and when I
said goodbye that time, I sat in the dark.

Feel free to convert a Moonbat. Try truth. That sometimes works.

The problem with instant access to news and opinnion is that it's a two way street. Screeching Moonbatism is... 1) whether I like it or not, part of the democratic process and 2) when you're tired, smelly and a million miles from home with people trying to kill you, you sometimes believe the crap!

If you can't legally or intellectually silence a Moonbat, ADOPT A TROOPER! There are ways to do it. You just have to get a round tuit.


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