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Thursday, December 22, 2005

When I stopped laughing...

...and picked myself up off of the floor, I had to rip this off and post it for y'al. It is from the Steve Malzberg website.

Shocked by the widespread suffering of those displaced from their homes by the flooding in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) volunteered to plug one of the holes in the Lake Pontchartrain levee.

"The Bush Administration has failed to stem the tide of this cataclysm," said Kennedy. "I have had some experience with aquatic mishaps. This experience will bolster me in this hour of desperation as I plug one of the leaks myself."

President Bush praised Senator Kennedy's decision. "I think it's mighty big of him to offer so much for the good of the country," said Bush. "There aren't many who could fill such a large role in this disaster."


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