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Sunday, December 28, 2008

a sincere...

... thank you for your interest in and completion of the preceding survey. It should do several things.

#1 - get the Frog hired on at the New York Times as a Science Editor and Opinion Columnist.

#2 - get the Frog put into a high ranking advisory position with the incoming administration in Foggy Boottom (D.C.) as opposed to Muddy Bottom (Bubba's Bog).

#3 - help Brother Al (Gore, not Alligator) pedal some, only slightly used, carbon foot prints down at the Used and New Footprint Lot / Franchise.

#4 - garner a Pulitzer for the Muddy Bottom and Algae Fill Up Institute of Knowlege here in the Bog.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and that your New Year will be bright.


P.S. - If you think your opinion counts, feel free to send fillied out copies of the survey to the A TEAM - Nancy (Pelosi), Barney (Frank) and Harry ((blowin' in the wind) Reed).



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