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Sunday, November 27, 2005

When personal explosion or implosion... immanent, you need to go and visit...

which is the home of the

the 30 Second Bunny Theater Production Group.

Sometime when the MSM is headlineing a quote from NASCAR Teddy Kennedy or Dastardardly Dickie Durbin that is so obtuse, inane or stupid that even Howie Dean can't figure it out.

When it's got your teeth set on edge and they are starting to grind so loudly that the dog is whinpering.

When it's time to lighten up or die.

This is the website to go to. You will love it. My favorite 30 second movie reenactment is WAR of the WORLDS. Turn on the sound, the dialog is priceless.

Enjoy! This has made the Bog a happier place!



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