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Saturday, January 28, 2006

On Thursday, the Frog...

...had the not-so-regal experience of having his 1st MRI. It sounds a bit like what being inside an old style metal garbage can that was in the process of being emptied into a garbage truck sounded like. I give that hint about my age so that Howard (Happy Birthday Howard!) won't feel too bad about turning 77. Although, that makes him one of the few people in the world older than I feel. A 'Happy Birthday' tip of the Frog's Fedora to another old soldier.

Back to the story...

I had a beautiful line checking out after the MRI. It got me a brief visit with (pardon the pun) the clinic's head Dr.

"You guys could make a lot more money with a 'director of marketing' " said the Frog, holding up a huge package of films of the inside of his head. "With each $2000 package give the customer 2 free, 8 x 10 color glossies." O.K., so I keep the day job.

The Silly Goose, however, had me back in my regal place in no time at all. "O.K. wiseguy", she said. "The pictures only prove the continued presence of a brain and not its functionality."

The frog is back in the bog, quivering in the warm mud.



At Sun Jan 29, 07:39:00 PM, Blogger John the Mad said...

Hope all is well for you Kermit. I had an MRI last July just a week after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma (a plastic surgeon took care of the nasty bits lickety split). All appears clean at this end.

No $2,000 bill either. Mind you, my taxes .........


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