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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

U.S. Rep. William Jefferson...

of New Orleans demanded bribes in exchange for his help in promoting a pair of business deals in Africa, according to court documents filed today in conjunction with a guilty plea by a former staffer.

Brett M. Pfeffer, a former legislative director to Jefferson, pleaded guilty in federal court today to aiding and abetting bribery of a public official and conspiracy. He (Pfeffer) faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced March 31…

I wonder why it only makes national headlines when a Weepublican gets caught with his hands in the candy jar??? Maybe it's just so common with Demorats that it's not newsworthy.

Confusedly yours,



At Thu Jan 19, 12:31:00 PM, Blogger sandy said...

Since the weepublicans have been in power for awhile, it just makes sense they would be the most likely targets for bribes.

I bet if we go back to the dumbicrat era, we would find it to be the same.

Can you say Bill and Hillary and whitegate, missing papers etc.

At Tue Jan 24, 08:30:00 AM, Blogger John the Mad said...

Thanks for your comment Kermit. It's a strange new world for us in the true north, strong and free. (er). A minority government to be sure, and therefore constrained as to policy, but no more of that gratuitous anti-American crap from Ottawa.

Ah the sweet smell of victory. Ain't democracy grand.


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