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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New York Times...

...Earnings Plunge 41 Percent

The New York Times Co. said Tuesday its fourth-quarter earnings fell 41 percent from the same period a year ago...

Perhaps, if it carried less editorial comment and advertising and actually carried news, revenues from sales of product might increase.

Hey, it's just a thought.



At Tue Jan 24, 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Howard said...

I'm surprised that any newspapers are making it these days with all the 24/7 tv stations droning on, and on, and on repeating the same news on each segment during the day and on into the night..That's why I'm at the computer so much...

At Tue Jan 24, 09:56:00 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

I know howard. I can hardly even watch my beloved FoxNews anymore because that's all they do. It seems they focus on - maybe - 5 stories and that's all you see over and over.

With all that is happening in the world today!

I'm glad the NYT is feeling the pinch. Serves them right.


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