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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bigger government...

...does not make better government. Making more rules does not solve the problem! McCain/Feingold campaign funding/lobbyist money rules are a bunch of HORSE HOCKEY! Basically they took campaign contributions away from the middle class and us poor-boy-middle-class-wanna-be's and put them in the hands of people that have enough bucks to set up FOUNDATIONS and other 'big word money hiding schemes'.

How about this for a plan? Let's have 100% transparency. Anybody can give any amopunt of money that they wish to the politician or party of their choice. All donations will be reported including the AMOUNT OF MONEY GIVEN (OR CASH VALUE OF THE GIFT) and the NAME OF THE DONOR WHOSE MONEY (or product) IT IS and not just the name of the Foundation or whatever!

And while we're at it (just for fun) either the president has LINE ITEM BUDGET VETO POWERS or EARMARKING FUNDS IN THE BUDGET IS TOTALLY DISALLOWED AND ATTEMPTS AT EARMARKING BECOME A 'firing-squad-offense'!

And, that can mean being "fired by the voters", as in losing elections. Probably it won't happen, but even frogs have dreams.



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