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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I wonder where the United Nations...

...Commission on Human Rights is. They might be needed in Iran where two more ladies are being dealt the heavy hand of islammofascist justice. What did they do? One, the Aunt, killed (or at least harmed badly) the persons who were attempting to rape her and her young niece. The niece has serious problems with the islammofascist because she did not want to be raped. I would term this a 'Human Rights Violation'.

The U.N. Human Rights Folk must be too busy in Darfur to notice such a minor thing.

Oh vaunted liberals...

"Where is thy rage?"
By the way, Waffles the Clown and Teddy the Rotund... that is your cue.
Or, is this one that you will pass on because you can't get enough 'face time' in the MainStream Media with the issue. Hey, islammofascism is the religion of peace and the two chief Demorats from Massachusetts can't afford to lose any limbs...
Ps... But at least we now know why (according to one of the cartoons) they are "running out of virgins" is islammofantastic heaven.
PPS... It was awfully early when the frog first wrote this. I have linked to the full story. The link is underlined above.


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