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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

brief entries...

...for a while.

#1... Christmas (as usual) was wonderful. It didn't really kick in until about 15 minutes into the candle light Midnight Mass. For reasons which don't need to be gone into, Christmas usually starts, for me, on rocky ground.

#2... A 1:1 relationship seems to be developing between bad things getting past the firewall on my home computer and my expressions of total disgust with the Liberal (pinko) side of the Demoratic Party (with which I include Noxious Weepublicans). I had something ugly happen to the hard drive, that, until I prove to myself that it was a random electro-mechanical problem, I will chalk up to the VAST left wing conspiracy.

#3... All is well, and stuff will be added to the bog from at work. This will account for the brevity of the posts.

#4... Belated Merry Christmas and a a timely Happy New Year.


PS - the rightwing conspiracy in which I am involved is only halfvast.

:) :) :)


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