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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am...


We are getting ready for an ice storm that you may have already had or are having even as I write this. Even if you can't figure out the above quote... have a Merry Christmas. Wow... that may be a hidden clue.

The good news is that trunk line gas valves go to open if the power goes out. That is good because, even with electricity out, the stove will still work. More good news is that I found a cheap electric generator that should put out enough electricity to run the gas furnace blower and control circuitry. Gee if the power goes out again this year for 8 days after the ice storm... I will be able to run the furnace at night. I will be able to cook. I will be able to see/read with candles and battery lanterns. Both cars are gassed up.

Life is as good as it gets during winter in Oklahoma.

If the 'puter/electricity goes down... have a blessed Christmas. And, I should be writing something by next year, even if the power does go off.

Peace and all good,


P.S. - I just love global warming. Don't you???


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