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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maybe the sky is not falling...

...and maybe some big pieces will not land in the bog. And, maybe, the tooth fairy will leave a dime (that is $837.63 when adjusted for future inflation) under Kermit's pillow tomorrow night.

Somehow, it seems to this Constitutional Populist that the fox has been put fully in charge of the henhouse. The founders of our nation (you know... smart... dead... old guys... referred to in some quaint and ancient texts that purport to be HISTORICAL as the "founding fathers") railed against the concept of a federal / national bank. The silly twits even put it into that quaint, quasi hysterical document referred to as the constitution. Well, actually, they did not make it constitutional. That was done in 1913 and signed into law by the late (also an old dead guy) Woodrow Wilson, who depending on the historian that you quote, may or may not have regretted signing that particular quasi legal bill into law as he approached the end of his life.

Now what is all this bovine extract about the sky falling.

The head director of the largest FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is being named as the SECRETARY of the TREASURY.

Somehow, cherished reader, I see the fox guarding the chickens here. I will pray, fervently, that we have ONLY a long and gut wrenching depression. I will continue to pray that we will not wake up one morning clutching our pitchforks as we man the barricades in defense of our homes against foreign troops in the streets.

Thank God for zip loc bags.

I am keeping my powder dry here in the bog!



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