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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is God???

Contrary to Opra Winfrey and some misguided folk of the Religious Left...

God is
For those of you that are without children, or were raised to believe that if it does not make you feel good it cannot be called love, the statement above may not make sense. You may not fully understand the concept of love. Even the farthest left, most theologically ignorant of folk need to consider that...
God is
Even left wingers that screw up have to pay the piper. That's what you do when you want to dance. You pay the piper. To use a more modern turn of words... You are responsible for what you do. No excuses, no poor me. Even the most ardent Dr. Phil advocates may have heard the term "tough love". Oh, does that sound like paying the piper? If Daddy fixes every screw up, we never learn and we never change.
God wants us to change our ways
The Father of the Prodigal Son did not go and fish his son out of tth pig sty when the son was wallowing with the hogs and eating husks. The rejoicing took place when the Prodigal Son repented and came home.
God is not love,
Which is why the path back to God, the path to righteousness is never closed to us.
Here ends Kermit's sermon.
Peace be with you.



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