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Friday, December 09, 2005

A well trained, capable Free Iraqi Army... any amount of time less than several more years is, realistically, problematic. What we are training right now is light infantry. I have no problem with that. Light infantry have to be some of the greatest fighters in the world. They are either great fighters or they are walking deadmen.

We need to be training Support Troops: transportation, communication, medical, supply, artillery (heavy and light), air support and naval support as well as combat arms!!!

What we are training now are damned good, brave soldiers. If we retreat (a la the Demorats-bail out Billies) we abandon these brave men that we have trained.

I learned something from Viet Nam... But hey, I was "boots on the ground" and way way up North ahead of the Cowboys and Indians. What do I know. We should really leave these things to Congressional Micro Managers. With Kerry and Murtha in command, and ably assisted by Durbin, Pelosi and Kennedy we could have the troops home by Christmas (whoops - Winter Season of Festivities) this year. With help like this... well, let's not go down that trail.

Did the Demorats learn anything in Viet Nam?

I think that I'll go and hop in the Bog now.


PS - don't forget to give the Terrs a purple finger salute on Monday


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