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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I just had to...

...scarf this up from the Astute Blogger.

From a letter to the WSJ via BETSY'S PAGE (who credits THE ANCHORESS via Cartago Delenda Est):Iraq is just like Vietnam except: We occupy Hanoi. We've captured Ho Chi Minh. The North Vietnamese have just held a free and democratic election. The North Vietnamese are working on a new constitution. Yes, Iraq is just like Vietnam.And er um .. to further the "analogy" : it's only 1967!

There is one analogy that does translate from Vietnam to Iraq: the Left is actively aiding the enemy and undercutting our efforts to spread democracy and halt the spread of totalitarianism. I KNOW: I WAS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY IN THE 1960's-70's: I WAS AN ANTI-VIETNAM LEFTIE, THEN! BUT REAGAN PROVED ME - AND THE ENITRE LEFT WAS WRONG.

And welcome into the fold!

Kermit is a happy frog!


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