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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm really...

…tired right now. I think that there is too much happening all at one time. With the U.S. Congress reconvening for the Pre Christmas break session, the Republic (as we know it) is truly imperiled!

But, even with all that going on, I shall snooze soundly in the warm mud of the Bog. At least the Bog is secure.

Two months ago, I strung concertina wire and gated the main entrance and installed a security gate with tank traps. The engineering was fairly intense, as the cement traps kept sinking into the ooze. However technology prevailed and they were stabilyzed with Cyprus logs and old inner tubes. I also started an intensive search for the right guard.

I have total confidence in Al Vin. I understand that this guy was a technical advisor on Sly Stone’s very first RAMBO movie. Before that, he is reputed to have done ‘wet work’ for the Bulgarians back in the Cold War’s bad old days. I don’t think that you’d care to try slipping by
him under cover of darkness.

The country may be going to Heck in a Hand basket, but Kermit has the Bog secured and is looking forward to a nice nap.

Hanging tough,

Kermit the Green

PS - Well, pretty safe... There is always the chance that the Silly Goose may explode.


At Mon Aug 22, 05:29:00 PM, Blogger Junker said...

Be sure to plant land mines as an additional layer of defense.

If you want them to be Michael Moore sensative only, use Anti-Tank mines, which require a target weight of at least 5,000 pounds, or a ground pressure rating of 17.8 pounds per square inch.


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