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Monday, August 22, 2005

Things that made...

…me tired #4.

Cindy Sheehan and the Moonbat Press Corps not only make me tired, but make me want to barf. There are probably tens of thousands of press releases about this psycho (rhymes with witch) person. How many of the other 1400 or so parents/families of deceased service members got any where close to this much press. Ann Coulter's most recent piece brings a question to mind. When did people start needing a media flak in order to mourn?

We do not have news. We have a media driven event, orchestrated by the MSM. We have news stories manufactured by a press corps that haven’t had this much fun since Hanoi Jane’s non events and Woodstock. Why not just give them a six month vacation, a huge bag of wacky tobaccy and and a couple liters of cheap wine? Then, let them get really stoned. If they can find their way back to work have them do the 'pee in a bottle' trick. Then fire the useless buggers for violating the company drug policy. Oh, I know why. The ACL Useless would file huge damage suits against the MSM and probably win because no one knew that the company had a drug policy!

I still have the same warm wonderful feelings for these Butt Heads that I developed in the Nam. Let them relive Woodstock (they seem to love rolling in mud). Then get rid of them!

I caught Newt Gingrich on CNN yesterday (Saturday). Good talk. It’s refreshing to hear a politician say, in front of the Washington Press Club, that we are in a WAR.

War”, Ms. Sheehan (rhymes with witch) person. I am sorry that your son died in it. Please get on with your mourning. Stop taking a pay off in publicity to show case your Moonbat politics. Stop smearing the memory of your own son’s Heroics (he volunteered to go on the mission and was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star). Stop using your pay off to cheapen your own son's sacrifice and the sacrifices of others!

Do not even come into the same State that the bog is in. I might not be able to resist the urge to come and fling a two-week-old-over-ripe-home-grown-cantaloupe at you.

Grumpy Ol’ Frog in the Bog,


PS – if you can’t tell the difference between grief and media event, feel free to drop me an eMail. I’ll try to explain in a private return eMail. I attempt to not use the sort of language that springs to my tongue so easily in a public forum.

PPS - if flys sprang that easily to my tongue, I'd have fewer facial muscles and be a 'Michael Moore' sized fat frog...

PPPs - the Frog is starting to feel human again...


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