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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A "MUST READ" (political/historical)...

... from Wes Riddle -
Wes Riddle - 6/13/05

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True to the Founders: Two Things They Ask of Us

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... The elder statesman at the Constitutional Convention was Benjamin Franklin. He said democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch! Franklin was certainly no democrat—and neither were the other Founders, who knew more about political definitions and theory, not to mention the English language

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Of course, the Constitutional Convention and the two-year ratification process by the States afterward, would have been pointless if the Founders’ product were never intended; or if the ratified instrument, that along with the Declaration became the organic law of the Land, were some April Fool’s joke! The Founders clearly intended Posterity to ‘keep the Republic’ by following the Constitution they worked so hard to give us—to amend it, if and as necessary according to its terms, but to follow the Constitution always. Duh, and no duh (if only the Congress and the Supreme Court these days believed it, or the people would demand)!

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Democracy in the Bog,



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