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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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... Fine Art Photography

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PS - the excerpt is...

... it brought me to the belief that we are not simply blobs of protoplasm, organised in a temporary, brief but endlessly fascinating array of systems and processes, but hopelessly fated to simply cease to be. No, there is something else. There is an undercurrent which connects all things, and we are part of it, each individual.There are consequences to this belief.

. . . . .

When our perception of ourselves as a vessel, as a bearer of something grand takes root, we are imbued with a sense of responsibility. It is as though we have been kitted out with faculties and abilities, urges and cautions, and charged with our own unique mission to fulfill. Our life is not about fulfilling our momentary needs, but rather to engage in the process of discovery and bringing definition to that individual mission, and using the tools we are born with and have developed undertake its execution. If we are more than our mere corporal beings, we have that responsibility.

. . . . .

And that is why I need liberty. I cannot fulfill the mission to which this life I have been granted has been charged, unless I have the freedom to devote myself fully to it.


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