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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I know what...

... Kermit would have hopped a mile for during Puberty and maybe 1/2 mile in pre-Puberty...

DALLAS - Children suffering from a rare and fatal lung disease were able to walk farther and breathe easier after taking the impotence pill Viagra, a small study suggests.Researchers say that use of the drug to treat these very sick children, suffering from pulmonary hypertension, needs more study. But they called these early results promising.

I don't think that I want kids that are undergoing experimental treatment with this to move in next door to the Tadpole and his wife and the Grandpoliwogs.

What will happen in the bog next? Don't they realize that old guys using this stuff go blind! I could fall off my lilypad and drown. No telling what might happen to the Grandpolliwogs. Quick. Sound an alrm. The need for companies making millions on pills have to find new markets when old (pun intended) ones collapse is getting a bit out of hand. Freemarket economy gone berserk.

You think that it's bad having to explain Viagra ads to your 8 and 9 year olds when they catch the evening news. I can hardly wait for the Tadpole to come up with explanations for the commercials on Sesame Street and the Barney Show.

At least when I was living better chemically... Whoops, let's not go down that path. But

OOOH... the colors are coming back....


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