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Friday, June 08, 2007

Slavery was not good.

Worse, there are places that it exists today. Really good is that none of those places are in the United States of America. I probably had one relative that was a slaveholder. I also had a relative that was a slave. He was not an indentured servant. He was a slave. The British in the Colonies were excellent record keepers. When he arrived from Scotland he was listed as PROPERTY OF THE MILL IN WHICH HE WORKED (slaved?). History is part of our past. I get really upset when people who have appointed themselves as spokesman for the downtrodden try to appoint themselves as my conscience.

The following is an interesting quote from an an article that I found at Newsmax. The history is interesting but not surprising. The point of the article ( )
is (at least in part) to make me feel guilty for being an American... a nativist... an ugly person... et cetera.

The article is interesting historically and informative about the roll in which the Alien Media Nation casts itself.

PHILADELPHIA -- Archaeologists unearthing the remains of George Washington's presidential home have discovered a hidden passageway used by his nine slaves, raising questions about whether the ruins should be incorporated into a new exhibit at the site.
The underground passageway is just steps from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It was designed so Washington's guests would not see slaves as they slipped in and out of the main house.

"As you enter the heaven of liberty, you literally have to cross the hell of slavery," said Michael Coard, a Philadelphia attorney who leads a group that worked to have slavery recognized at the site. "That's the contrast, that's the contradiction, that's the hypocrisy. But that's also the truth."

Washington lived and conducted presidential business at the house in the 1790s, when Philadelphia was the nation's capital.

Read the entire article. Don't be tricked into feeling the burden of guilt. The guilt part is (pardon the expression gentle readerperson) BULLSHIT.

Peace and all good,

Kermit - the Green Guy

PS - I found the ultimate T-shirt, but I can't wear it to work. It says...

"I neutered the cat.

Now he's a LIBERAL!"


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