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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just for wackos out there...

...don't get any funny ideas...

The BOG has a really good security system. To enter you must pass through the security check point at the front gate where you will be thoroughly searched by my chief of security Al Vin. You do not want to mess around with him because he is one mean hombre! Go see is picture at where he appears in full battle dress. Be warned... he has a free reign on violence and he likes violence because they smell so good!

You just think that the squirrel that started the revival in Pascagula Mississippi was tough. Al Vin is tougher!

Be warned. He is the reason that Kermit and the Silly Goose can rest easy in the warm mud.


P.S. - Marines and SEALs are welcome in the BOG anytime. Family should call ahead. Semper Fi.


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