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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Froggish person...

is back. The ol’ ‘puter got really sick and had to take an expensive trip to the computer hospital. The ol’ Froggish person is not feeling so good about the World around the Bog either. But humor is everywhere…

For instance, on the MSM news one evening the talking head pointed out that jobs taken by illegals represented only about 5% of the working labor force and this really wasn’t a problem. Later in the newscast it was announced by the Department of Labor that the unemployment rate was some where between 4% and 6%.


I guess that it’s only a problem if you are unemployed.

And later in the week, the Florida citrus folk are whining about not having enough people to harvest the fruit.

Duhhhh… and Double Duhhh…

They all stopped in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama because $9 to $11 per hour picking up trash, roofing houses and hanging dry wall is a better deal than picking oranges.

Seal the freaking borders. Send illegals home. Send the business that employ illegals home too! After that’s done we can start talking about guest voter legislation or whatever. SEAL THE BORDERS FIRST! Nothing else goes in the legislation. After the BORDERS ARE SEALED, consider other legislation.

These folks aren’t immigrants. Immigrants want to become Americans. That’s why they’re here. These folk are invaders!

Growlingly back,



At Thu Jul 20, 07:12:00 AM, Blogger CA said...

Maybe after sending the 'invaders' home, we can pass legislation to require American companies to manufacture their products in American instead of China, Indonesia and other nations who hate us but love our money! (and are getting most of it) That'd take care of much more than the 4 to 6% unemployment!

Welcome back!

At Thu Jul 20, 07:14:00 AM, Blogger CA said...

"...manufacture their products in American instead of China, Indonesia..." 'oops'...and Mexico!


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