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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The question is...

...whether or not to prosecute the Knee Jerk Times (aka - the old grey ... {begins with 'B' and rhymes with 'WITCH'}) and various government employees for leaking classified information which, in time of war, amounts to TREASON.

The answer is DAMNED RIGHT! And it also makes a good argument for public executions!

The problem is that the Justice Department has a problem. It is this. The midlevel and upper midlevel bureaucracy of Justice (and other federal agencies including the CIA) are not possessed of prosecutorial enthusiasm.

Why might this be the case? Are we having a blonde moment. Duh!!! That level of management in Old Foggy Bottom is currently swamped with Clinton Era Defeatocratic appointees. I have to shamefully admit to having 2 cousins that owe their existence to this environment. The most chilling comment that I heard (and I suspect that it is relatively typical) concerning the 1st G.W. Bush inauguration was...

"They stole Florida from Al! I voted for Al. The parties are better and it's more fun when the Democrats are in office."

There was a time, gentle reader, that when the Nation was at war, we came together. We are at war. The problem is seeing clearly exactly who is on our side.

Kermit the Screaming Frog

P.S. - If we seal the Northern Border, the buggers can't escape to Canada to avoid prosecution, ehh.


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