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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I am so happy...

…that my son was in Desert Storm 1 and not in the current conflict. I do not look forward to my Grandson going to War on Terror Round 3 regardless of whether it is in Iowa or in Iran. I am currently so exceedingly happy that I could chew up nails and spit out bullets. I have not felt this overpowering amount of ‘Joie de Vivre’ (O.K. - this Frog’s French is a bit rusty) since Tet 1968. Let me translate this. I am really PISSED OFF!

Hello Ding Dongs… The immigration thing is about security. Seal the freakin’ borders (both of them!) first. Give me a credible and working enforcement system second. Let’s enforce existing law before we put another layer of skin on the bureaucratic onion! After we do this, we can let the Demorats’ hammer out a GUEST VOTER PROGRAM. If the ILLEGALS can get a better place in the citizenship line because they are UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS, then me and the young horse should have a better place in the law enforcement line because I am an UNDOCUMENTED BORDER PATROLMEN!

Onward and upward…

What is really keeping 28 years of bottled wrath resulting from my “SPIT ON WELCOME HOME” in 1973 stirred up is the MSM and Congressional Turncoats’ spin on the war on terror. Hello, again. WE’RE WINNING AND THE BOYS ARE DOING A DAMNABLY FINE JOB ON THE FRONT LINES. GOD BLESS AND WATCH OVER THEM!

The only things keeping me sane (the Silly Goose might contest the point) are the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation that knows how vote (Coburn – Istook – Inhoff) and continues to vote the ‘RIGHT’ way. And folks like Mark Styn and Ann Coulter who put a reality spin on the news! Oh Yes… And Alexander Solshenitskyn, who sounds (in retrospect) amazingly prophetic!

I hope that your Bog is happier place than mine. I’m really pissed off.



At Mon Jun 26, 06:51:00 PM, Blogger John the Mad said...


"Seal the freakin’ borders (both of them!) first."

I could not agree more. Anything you can do to stop those damn deserters from the US military from setting up shop here in the true north is fine by me.

Per ardua ad astra!

At Mon Jun 26, 06:59:00 PM, Blogger John the Mad said...

And that Cindy Sheehan gal. She's been visiting all sorts of peace rallys up here talking 'bout the evils of America and such.

Our folks are too much inclined that way to begin with. We don't need more gasoline poured on the pacifist bonfire. That blaze is doing fine on its domestic fuel.

Seal away before it's too late for us Canucks.

At Mon Jun 26, 07:48:00 PM, Blogger Kermit said...

Amen and Amen...

If the Military had really been on their toes we could have parachuted Mogidishu Murtha, Fat Teddy, Dastardly Dickie Durbin and Cindy Sheeshshan into Zarqawi's front yard to negotiate before sending the bombers. He probably would have given up just to get away from the buggers!

Keep Cindy at home. There's not enough to go around!


Betteryet, keep her at Fat Teddy's home.


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