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Friday, March 04, 2005

Wowee and CROAK, Croak, croak...

... what a week it has been. I discovered why I have suddenly become a grumpy old frog. It's because of decreased levels of testosterone in my system.

This is really great. I have a name for what ails me (could it be 'the grumpy old frog' syndrome?). Which means that I, a frog, have achieved the ultimate in Americaness. I have an identifiable disease. I am a victim.

In the American way, it means that I have an entitlement. As a victim, I will receive reparations. I will be able to visit the dentist and hold my head high. No longer will I have (post of 2/28/05 - Modern Life) to be at the whim of wooden soldier bankers dancing in the 'Nutcracker Ballet". This is almost as good as being (to use a line from The Jerk staring Steve Martin) "In the phone book"!

Wow, and no menopause envy here. I have my own hormone problems.

The rest of the good news is that I will now be totally eligible for the new and improved draft and will be able to do my part to help normalyze the Social Security Demographic (post of 2/15/05 - Fix Social Security). Back into uniform for me. I love it!!!

Delightedly yours,

Kermit the Bogfellow

PS - cancel the delightedly - I'm grumpy now :( :( :(


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