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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Who says that a...

... picture is worth a thousand words? The preceding picture of Kermit the Monster Bog Frog is worth at least two thousand words and a hearty round of yawns. After all, it was smuggled out of secret vault in Central Virginia by by a New Yorker who was suffering a psychotic episode which was the result of her kidnapping by an Alien Space Craft being broken up by a South Bronx street gang which was really working undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency.

The picture is, however, real. It relates to one of my favorite groups

Locks of Love

which makes wigs out of donated human hair for children who have lost their hair because of disease or chemo/radiation treatments for cancer.

Peace and all good,


PS - Letting your hair grow out to give away is fun. It is especially fun when it aggravates the snot out of your boss for 6 months. It is especially fun if he can't fire you for having long hair. Oh well, I've really mellowed out in my current state of maturity. The picture is from when I was wild, carefree and 59.


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