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Saturday, February 26, 2005

And I thought that...

...nobody was listening. Perhaps this is the beginning of reforming Social Security.

Dentist, 84, Gets An Offer To Reenlist
(still preglitch)

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 17, 2005
The last time Floyd Baker served in the U.S. Army...
(,13319,FL_dentist_021705,00.html ), Dwight D. Eisenhower was still a general. So the 84-year-old, semi-retired Mount Airy dentist was a little surprised last August when he got a letter from a local Army recruiting station inviting him to reenlist...Go to the Army link above and you can read the entire article. Little did I realize that my idea for reforming Social Security would pick up steam so quickly.
I just feel so, well, cutting edge.
Peace and all good,
Kermit - the smiling 'bog-frog'


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