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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And, as long as we're doing the year that was...

On 12/8/07 we decorated the yard for Christmas using lots of icicles. It was veritable "Winter Wonderland". The power was out for 10 days and we had quite a time taking care of the neighbors!

Actually, I had a revelation during that time. It occurred to me that there was a reason that God had invented stainless steel sinks.

It would be posible to rip out the sink and chain it to the steel framework of a kitchen chair and use the whole thing as fireplace for burning the chopped up sofa to keep the house warm! Frogette restrained me from testing the hypothesis and on 12/19/08 the power came back on.

And now, beloved friends, you are up to date on what has recently transpired in the Bog. I'll try to get up to speed on political commentary soon.

Peace and all good,



At Sat Mar 08, 09:13:00 PM, Blogger CA said...

Every day I have walked by the pond to see if the frog had come back. Visions of frog lures on the ends of fishing poles and barbed hooks on the ends of frog gigs danced in my head. In short, I had the frog skinned, legs cut up and jumping in some frying pan, to be ingested by some cannibalistic two legger who got too hungry for the frog's own good. I'm happy to see my fears were for naught.
Nice to have you back!

At Mon Mar 10, 08:31:00 AM, Blogger J C said...

What he said: Ditto! 'chuckle'


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